Brown Leopard Classic

Classic Button front shirt collar Toppings are inspired by the look of the traditional button down. A Topping is the perfect finish—all of the style, none of the bulk.


Toppings come in one size and wear beautifully with most crewneck or v-neck sweaters.


  • Brown Leopard Classic
  • Brown Leopard Classic

Revitalize your wardrobe. View our Lookbook for inspiration on sporting a Topping.

Toppings are a perfect way to wake up your wardrobe while maintaining a slim silhouette. Simply button the Topping, put on your favorite sweater and that's it. The weight of your sweater will hold the Topping in place. CeCe recommends wearing Toppings with either a crewneck or a v-neck sweater. Toppings are also great for maternity fashion and teen school uniforms.