About Us

One day, as Jamie Turquie put her sweater on over her favorite button down shirt, she had an impulse. Sick of the bulk of a shirt under her sweater, she took a pair of scissors and cut off all but the visible part of the shirt. What remained was the collar. Jamie went through her day feeling like she had pulled a trick on her friends and colleagues. When she shared her handiwork, her friends asked her to do the same for them. Samples were made and CeCe Toppings was born.

Ready to Wear

Changing your look has never been simpler. Just button your Topping, put on your favorite sweater, and that's it. Their is no constriction just an easy comfortable Topping that stays in place with the weight of your sweater. CeCe recommends wearing Toppings with either a crewneck or v-neck sweater that is not cut too deep. A Topping is the perfect finish—all of the style, without the bulk.

Revitalize Your Wardrobe

Add one or two Toppings to your wardrobe and get more looks out of your outfits. Picture your favorite black sweater; add a white ruffle, a black ruffle perhaps, and a few beautiful prints and you have multiplied your wardrobe. CeCe Toppings has our finger on the pulse of fashion. We are always on the lookout for new colors, patterns, and prints. We make it easy for our customers to feel unfettered and super stylish.

Great for Teens

Calling all super chic Teens who have a dress code at school! CeCe hears your complaints about being required to wear button down shirts under your sweaters. Our teen models (Paget and Bel) loved the fashion freedom that Toppings provide and I hope you will too! But remember, these Toppings are definitely not boring and can be worn after school too.

Only the Highest Quality

All of our Toppings are 100% cotton and made in the USA.
Now, selecting only the finest fabrics and most stylish patterns,
CeCe Toppings enables women to achieve a polished look without
the discomfort of a bulky shirt.

You can contact us by phone at 1-855-CeCeTop or
by email at


Revitalize your wardrobe. View our Lookbook for inspiration on sporting a Topping.

Toppings are a perfect way to wake up your wardrobe while maintaining a slim silhouette. Simply button the Topping, put on your favorite sweater and that's it. The weight of your sweater will hold the Topping in place. CeCe recommends wearing Toppings with either a crewneck or a v-neck sweater. Toppings are also great for maternity fashion and teen school uniforms.